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38% of Agencies Would Invest Here (#INBOUND23 Recap)

September 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 8
Agency Life
38% of Agencies Would Invest Here (#INBOUND23 Recap)
Show Notes

Where would you spend an extra $10,000 a month if you suddenly had that extra cash to invest in your agency? 

No strings attached--available today--where would you use that sudden infusion of capital? 

That's the 1st of our Fast Five questions you've likely heard us ask before on every episode of this show. 

Last week we had the chance to ask this same question to more than 20 agency owners and their team members while several members of the team descended on Boston for INBOUND 23.

In this #INBOUND23 recap episode, you'll learn:

  • The 5 response types we got from agency leaders to this question

  • The #1 response that got nearly 40% of the votes

  • And, 3 things you can do if you feel the same as the majority of agency leaders that we polled in Boston

You'll also get a unique chance to hear from more than 20 agency leaders as you hear clips from them sharing candid responses on the convention center floor at INBOUND.  

The full list of interviewees is listed below.

Also, mentioned in this episode:

Thank you to all the agency owners & team members who contributed to this conversation (in no particular order):

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