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(Successfully) Co-Marketing With Other Agencies w/ Sam Dunning

September 21, 2023 Season 2 Episode 9
Agency Life
(Successfully) Co-Marketing With Other Agencies w/ Sam Dunning
Show Notes

If your agency’s become a trusted advisor to your clients, then you’re probably getting asked for recommendations and advice all the time.

I can border on a feeling of frustration if you’ve faced this enough:

Can you help with this?

Do you know anyone you’d recommend for that?

If your clients are asking about other areas where you *can’t* help, you hate to not be able to help.


What if you could add more value to your clients AND tap into partnerships that could generate net-new clients for your agency?

Sam Dunning, Co-Owner of Web Choice, an SEO, Web Design and Web Development Agency serving B2B brands, has done exactly that–quite successfully as you’ll hear from a few examples he shares in today’s episode.

Sam and his team at Web Choice have intentionally built partnerships with two types of organizations that have created two new sources of pipeline for their agency:

Software companies offering solutions related to their area of expertise and other agencies offering the services they don’t.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to identify the right potential partners based on your niche and ICP

  • The two ways to engage with these partners to drive new pipeline for your agency

  • Three specific tactics you can use once you’ve established a new partnership

And, since SEO is their agency’s specialty, he also shares three specific blog collaboration plays you can run with a partner company.

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn:

Find his podcast here: Business Growth Show

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