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What We Learned by Surveying 500+ Agencies

September 28, 2023 Season 2 Episode 10
Agency Life
What We Learned by Surveying 500+ Agencies
Show Notes

Over 500 agencies surveyed.  

Agencies from around the world with different specialities: marketing, creative, web development & PR agnecies included.

Agencies of all sizes, from those with less than 10 to those with more than 500 employees.

The team here at recently partnered with Audience Audit, a research agency who focuses on this sort of analysis for agencies themselves, to take on an extensive analysis of the state of agency operations.

In The State of Agency Operations Report, you'll find insights into how you as an agency leader (and your company) benchmark against your peers in key areas:

  • client churn
  • time-tracking effectiveness
  • billable utilization rates
  • over-servicing clients, and
  • your approach to new AI tools

This week, we brought 3 panelists onto the Agency Life monthly livestream to discuss some of the key findings in a roundtable discussion & this week you'll get a chance to listen in if you didn't get a chance to join the discussion live.

Connect with each of the panelists here:

Susan Baier, Founder of Audience Audit

Gray MacKenzie, Co-Founder of ZenPilot

Nicole Pereira, Founder of  CULTURISH

Download your copy of the report here:

The State of Agency Operations Report

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