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The 5 Financial Metrics Top Agencies Get Right w/ Ryan Watson

February 08, 2024 Season 2 Episode 24
Agency Life
The 5 Financial Metrics Top Agencies Get Right w/ Ryan Watson
Show Notes

What’s one mistake you’ve made as an agency leader you’ll never forget?

Several guests on this show have shared the same exact answer:  “I wish I’d invested in my own financial literacy sooner!”

But, what financial metrics should you focus on the most? 

Even if you answer that question—how do you (and your team) impact those financial metrics that matter most for your agency?

To answer these questions, in today’s episode, you’ll hear from Ryan Watson from Upsourced Accounting, where he & the team help agencies just like yours avoid financial pitfalls & achieve financial health.  Ryan’s a former agency COO & CFO himself, so he comes with financial know-how but also real agency life experience.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Financial Metrics successful agencies get right (from Upsourced’s own analysis of agency client data)

  • An introduction to the Hierarchy of Financial Needs (that will help you determine the right financial metric to prioritize right now)

  • The building blocks to a successful Project Profitability Analysis (which Ryan says is the most important thing you can do to getting a handle on your agency’s gross margin)

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